Jake's Home Page




Hi I'm Jacob- I am 8 and 3/4 years old.  I am in third grade at Montessori School.  My birthday is the same day as my Grandma's birthday and it is the same as my friend's father's,  June 29th. 

I like to be called Jacob, but you can call me Jake.  I like Jake better. My full name is Jacob Sands Friedberg. 

If you want to know my brothers' name you can go to their websites. 

I have 3 brothers.  One of them is a super-genius evil elf named another one is "the Boss" Friedberg, but you can call him by his Chinese name, "Sum Dum Gai", and the last one is Senor Coolio,   Laz is 2 and a half.  Tyler is 7 and a half.  Jason is 20 and three quarters.  For shortcuts to my brothers' web pages, click on their names.

I've lost six teeth.



I have been studying Shotokan Karate since I was 4.  I am a red belt.  This me after my first karate tournament.

My sports page.  It is all about the



Here is my F-16 Fighter plane page.

M1 Abrams Tank Page.

My Advanced Warfighting Experiment (AWE) page!



I really love trains.

Sometimes I like rocketships and sometimes I like race-motorcycles and sometimes I like me.

Why don't you go see a picture of me and my brother.

Because the airplane looks like it's flying in outer space, you should go check out my excellent page. Right on!!

You should check out my silly page.

There you go.

That's it!